Guardian Angel

Catalytic Converter Anti-theft System

The Guardian Angel is a proven unique Catalytic Converter Anti-theft System designed to prevent thieves from stealing a vehicle’s catalytic converter. It combines a cage that surrounds the converter made from steel clamps, aircraft grade steel wire rope and a unique etching system on the convertor.

Why are Catalytic Converters being stolen?

Catalytic Converters contain Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium to create the catalyst reaction required to clean the vehicles toxic emissions to required levels. Platinum and Rhodium supplies are depleting rapidly and these precious metals are more valuable than gold.

There can be as much as £300 worth of precious metals inside a single catalytic converter. A thief with a cordless saw can steel one from a parked vehicle within 30 seconds. The thieves then sell the converters for cash.

What are the true costs if a Catalytic Converter is stolen?

A catalytic converter will cost between £1500 and £2500 to replace. In addition the vehicle owner will have to wait for the replacement part to arrive. If you make an insurance claim you will have to pay any excesses which are typically £250 to £500. If you are a business then there are the indirect costs which include downtime of a vehicle as you await the time to repair and fit a new catalytic converter and arrange for a replacement vehicle. In certain instances additional damage is incurred on the vehicle which can mean window replacement or floor pan repair as the catalytic converters are recklessly removed by opportunistic thieves.

The solution is prevention by using the unique Guardian Angel system

The Guardian Angel acts as a physical steel cage comprising two elements – steel clamps and aircraft grade steel rope – that surround and protect the catalytic converter, which is attached to the vehicle chassis.

Guardian Angel won’t affect the cooling or internal components or affect vehicle warranties.

They are simple and easy to fit, locking the cage to the vehicle chassis, making it virtually impossible to remove.


  • Fast easy installation
  • The catalytic converter is surrounded by 10mm stainless steel rope
  • A universal size fits all vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes
  • It is an inexpensive but effective system in deterring thieves from stealing catalytic converters.

Guardian Angel Contents and Features

The Guardian Angel creates a durable tight fitting rattle proof stainless steel cage around the catalytic converter which is locked around the vehicle chassis.

  • The cage is made from 10mm aircraft grade steel cable which makes it virtually impossible to cut with hand tools.
  • The Guardian Angel kit is a universal product that is compatible with most vehicle types.
  • Also includes shear bolts making it an (Optional) permanent fixing around the catalytic converter.
  • Easy installation includes full instructions and tamper proof bolts and security key bit.
  • Due to our policy of continual development and improvement product specification and options may change from those illustrated.

Installation Instructions


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